Your dog deserves a cashmere sweater, make him one!


Believe it or not, there are a lot of cashmere sweaters out there that are made particularly for the comfort and style of dogs.

The choices range from fleece style t shirts and sweaters. These clothes could be styled and adorned with crystals, bowties, bows, pearls, pockets, jewelry gold as well as silver jewelry.

Way back in the olden times in China, little Shi Tzu dogs and Pekingese pups were actually termed sleeve dogs.

The Chinese empress as well as other royal people carried all these little doggies in the insides of their sleeves – the way current socialites carry little dogs in their bags.

They also come in laces trimmed, fur, feathers, leather, faux fur. The fact of the matter is that shopping for cashmere sweater for your dog is fun, the same way you shop stuff for yourself or for a little baby.

Designers of dog clothes are also busy – the way big name fashion designers are busy – in creating new dog clothes designs for dog clothes buyers and fanciers.

These dog clothes vary from the fifty dollar sweater to those hundred dollar cashmere dog sweaters.

CUSTOM LARGE DOG sweater/ pitbull / fleece/ sweater/dog coat/dog jacket/ large breed


Handmade Dog Sweater

Choosing which to purchase could make one’s head swim through a lot of confusion, especially if you are a person who could be indecisive and impulsive at the same time.

The solution for this predicament is simple, make your own cashmere dog sweater!

The following are basic tips and advice to make your dog their very own cashmere sweater.

You could actually use any old sweater you may have in your closet. You could even use your favorite old cashmere sweater that may now have a stain that just will not come off.

First things first, measure the particular length how you would want the cashmere dog sweater, when that detail has been decided, begin to cut. You could add more hem if you prefer.

Take note that the sweater’s ribbing at the wrist part actually turns out to be a beautiful turtleneck for a little cute dog.

handmade sweater and hat. Knit Dog Clothing

Chihuahua clothig chihuahua clothes sweater dog sweater jumper, puppy clothes sweater, knitted dog clothes, dog clothing small dog costume

Chihuahua clothes,Chihuahua sweater

For the legs, cut holes on the sweaters that would fit the legs of your dog.

Do hems around the hemline and the armholes. After doing all these, viola, the cashmere dog sweater is completed.

Believe it or not, this cashmere dog sweater could be made in a matter of minutes.

For additional creativity as well as design and style, add some trim of any item you would prefer such as faux fur and stitch this along the arm holes and the hem.

You could also add pearls, beads, buttons as well as rhinestones. You are also free to add any item which you think reflects perfectly what your dog is about as well as his personality.

A cute and additional idea is having you and your dog look alike. You could look for a sweater that is selling at bargain price. Buy two of the same kind. Cut the other sweater following the directions above.

Believe it or not, you could find great sweaters at the local Goodwill Store. A lot of the items here are in good condition. It is a great resource for cashmere sweaters. Also, many of the sweaters found here are from fine silk and wool.

All in all, your imagination is the only limit. The possibilities are limitless in creating personalized cashmere dog sweaters for your perfect little dog.


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