The Trend: Clothing You Can Wear Right Away

The Trend: Clothing You Can Wear Right Away

Youngsters can size up the back-to-school shopping trend in three words: Wear It Now.

Teens and preteens are looking for the immediate shopping gratification of purchasing clothing they can wear right now. “A good idea for parents is to split the back-to-school budget into summer and fall shopping trips,” suggests T.J. Maxx Fashion Spokesperson Laura McDowell. “Stock up on the trends for warmer weather now and then later add the sweaters, sweatshirts and other heavier items as the weather changes.”

The layered look is absolutely the top fashion statement. Start with lace camies and add dress-length shirts, deep V-neck sweaters and hoodies. You’ll be seeing up to three layers of various textures and pieces.



Abstract Print Leggings  Yoga Pants

BASIC GALAXY SWEATSHIRT Unisex Sweatshirt/ Galaxy Cosmos All Over Print/ Comfortable Loose Fit Top Shirt Space Sweater/Crewneck Pullover dj2

 GALAXY SWEATSHIRT Unisex Sweatshirt

In August and September, gals will want to start with a tank or lace camisole and build upon the layering effect with the season’s hottest new favorite-the tunic. Tunics elongate the overall ensemble, with many ranging in length from 26 to 34 inches. Look for polka dots, florals and solids in muted shades such as gray, brown, olive and black. Tunics can be tank tops, short sleeved or long sleeved; the key is their length.

When it comes to bottoms, the long shorts will certainly continue to be a popular choice in early fall.

Other top choices for back to school are skinny leg jeans in darker washes, pencil skirts and leggings.

Urban Ledge Hamsa Hand Hooded T-shirt Hoodie

Urban Ledge Hamsa Hand Hooded T-shirt Hoodie

Retro Flair Tulle Skirts - Half poof Sewn Tutu Skirts - your choice of color and length - bridesmaids, prom, portraits

Retro Flair Tulle Skirts – Half poof Sewn Tutu Skirts

Rose All Day T-shirt


Tops will play an integral role in back-to-school fashions. Hooded fleece jackets and cropped hoodies for layering, as well as sweaters (oversized “boyfriend” knits in solids and stripes), all make the scene. The long cardigan, turtleneck, cowl neck and deep V necks are all perfect layering pieces.

As the gals enjoy layering-especially in a muted palette of color-guys seek urban and camo pieces. Again the colors are basic-camouflage green, olive, deep brown, black and gray. Hooded sweatshirts are still a favorite, but nonhooded zip-up jackets also make a statement. Jeans are both plain and embellished in a variety of washes. Logo tee shirts with screens and messages are top must-haves as well.

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