The “Skinny” On Skinny Jeans

The "Skinny" On Skinny Jeans

Stop the presses. You don’t have to be skinny to wear “skinny.” In fact, the skinny jean is about a look, not a waistline.

“The resurgence of skinny and straight jeans is part of a modern ’80s trend built from familiar favorite looks,” says Caroline Calvin, Levi’s® brand senior vice president of global creative design. “Straight has been around since the invention of the 501® over 130 years ago. Skinny is built from a sexy rocker look and both will be hot this year with women and men.” She added that while the leg opening remains at the forefront, “there are some easy ways to take advantage of this look and some interesting trends within the trend to note.”

Caroline Calvin Offers The Skinny On How To Wear “Skinny” And Straight Jeans:

• Wear long tunic tops for a long lean appearance or sweater knits to create eye-teasing balance.

• High heels, high heels, high heels! A pair of high heels will give you a sexy, long, lean look with a skinny or straight jean.

• For classic Audrey Hepburn-inspired style, try pairing ballet flats with a crop-length fit. If Sienna Miller is more your style icon, pair flats with a longer skinny jean and a long tunic-style top, but keep in mind this look works best on smaller frames.

• Pair skinny jeans with a high-heeled slouchy boot. The chunkiness of the boot makes the leg look slimmer. For the same effect, try wearing one of the new skinny stacked-style jeans, such as Levi’s Skimmer Jean. The stacking at the ankle offers visual balance much like a boot-cut fit.

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According To Calvin, The Top Five Trends Within The Skinny And Straight Look Are:

1. Clean, Dark Finishes & Washes–which include grey and black.

2. Authentic Vintage Finishes–worn-in looks with hand-repaired stitches and patchwork, and frayed leg openings.

3. Various Lengths–women will see everything from extra long, to cropped, to fall shorts (at the knee), while men will favor extra-long and ankle-length styles.

4. Modern Detailing–while still “skinny” in that they’ll feature a tighter fit, the style will incorporate cargo pockets, elastic bands at ankles and retro-inspired patch detailing.

5. Straight Styles–if true skinny jeans are not right, a slim, straight-leg jean will be a popular alternative that gives the same long-and-lean look.

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